Saturday, February 23, 2008

[Reading] How to Give a Good Research Talk

The key point we should learn from this paper is 'If you bore your audience in the first few minutes, you may never get them back.' This happened to me for many times when I was either a speaker or an audience. Now I often try to put some results as a teaser in the beginning of the paper and the slide.

Another point is 'never hide your weakness.' This is not only true for presenting but also for writing a paper. I usually give a negative comment to the paper when I find the authors hide their drawbacks. However, where and how to present these drawbacks is an aesthetic problem. Put it at the end is not always the best solution.

This paper is a little dated so some points are not correct now. The visual aids now become far more important than it was at the time that the paper being published (1993). The computer slide authoring programs are very friendly and efficient now so people do not have to write the slide manually.

Finally, people tend to put their slide on the Internet now. I have organized a short researcher list at here.

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