Friday, March 28, 2008

[Reading] Names and Faces in the News Abstract

This paper present a system to put the name and face in the news together. The system uses several techniques: face detection and rectification, kPCA and LDA for dimension reduction, Nystrom approximation for efficient kPCA, K-mean clustering, pruning, and merging. One pity thing is that there is no much room to discuss the alternates of these techniques. The result shown in Fig 3 is very interesting and brings many possible research topics.

I'm very interested in the kPCA method and Nystrom approximation and I'm reading the origin papers (I think I should allocate a period to learn the matrix calculus more deeply).

How to prune the clustering is very important to my current research project. However, the method in this paper is not suitable to my problem :(. A special part is that the pruning is guided by hand labeling...what if the dataset is too large to be labeled? Also the running time is not reported in the paper.

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