Tuesday, February 26, 2008

[List] Research on Feature Points

This list is ordered in topics (may not be correct), from old to new. It should be noted that this list is far from completed and I will try to update it from time to time. A good overview of the field of feature detection can be find at Wikipedia (link).

[Parameter and Description Improvement and Optimization]
  1. Y. Ke and R. Sukthankar. PCA-SIFT: A More Distinctive Representation for Local Image Descriptors. CVPR2004. (link)
  2. H. Bay, T. Tuytelaars, L. Van Gool, SURF: Speeded Up Robust Features, ECCV2006. (link)
  3. S. Winder and M. Brown, Learning Local Image Descriptors, CVPR2007. (link)
  4. G. Hua, M. Brown and S. Winder, Discriminant Embedding for Local Image Descriptors, ICCV2007. (link)
[Efficient Matching]
  1. K. Grauman and T. Darrell. The Pyramid Match Kernel: Discriminative Classification with Sets of Image Features. ICCV2005. (link)
  2. K. Grauman and T. Darrell. Pyramid Match Hashing: Sub-Linear Time Indexing Over Partial Correspondences. CVPR2007. (link)
[Visual Word]
  1. J. Sivic and A. Zisserman. Video Google: Efficient Visual Search of Videos Toward Category-Level Object Recognition. CVPR 2003. (link)
  2. D. Nistér and H. Stewénius. Scalable Recognition with a Vocabulary Tree. CVPR2006. (link)
  3. J. Philbin, O. Chum, M. Isard, J. Sivic and A. Zisserman. Object Retrieval with Large Vocabularies and Fast Spatial Matching. CVPR 2007. (link)
  4. G. Schindler, M. brown, and R. Szeliski. City-Scale Location Recognition. CVPR 2007. (link)
  5. O. Chum, J. Philbin, J. Sivic, M. Isard, and A. Zisserman. Total Recall: Automatic Query Expansion with a Generative Feature Model for Object Retrieval. ICCV2007. (link)
  6. P. Quelhas, F. Monay, J.-M. Odobez, and D. Gatica-Perez, A Thousand Words in a Scene. PAMI2007. (link)
[Scene Reconstruction]
  1. M. Brown and D. G. Lowe. Unsupervised 3D Object Recognition and Reconstruction in Unordered Datasets. 3DIM2005 (link)
  2. N. Snavely, S. M. Seitz, and R. Szeliski, Photo Tourism: Exploring Photo Collections in 3D. SIGGRAPH2006. (link)
  3. M. Goesele, N. Snavely, B. Curless, H. Hoppe, S. M. Seitz, Multi-View Stereo for Community Photo Collections. ICCV2007 (link)
  4. I. Simon, N. Snavely, and S. M. Seitz. Scene Summarization for Online Image Collections. ICCV2007. (link)
  1. L. Kennedy, M. Naaman, S. Ahern, R. Nair, and T. Rattenbury. How Flickr Helps us Make Sense of the World: Context and Content in Community-Contributed Media Collections. ACM MM2007. (link)
Last update: 02/27/2007


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